Adversity serves....

Feb 8-10 , 2013
National Selection Tennis Tournament in Toronto

Negative attitude
My son helps me here...with a
his view about a tennis character facing adversity

My son injured himself playing basketball and in a couple days he was scheduled to attend the National Selection Tennis Tournament in Toronto...
His index finger hurt and was swollen ; he couldn't execute his forehand strokes properly...

feelings, emotions
His first match was against a good opponent , much taller with powerful ground strokes..
During the match he faced a 0-6 in the first set , he was emotional with tears on his eyes but he came back and won the the other sets 6-0 and 6-3 winning the match

Next day he woke up with fever ; we took him to the doctor who restricted on participating to any physical activity .But once he felt better he wanted to attend his second round . He tried his best under the circumstances of bad coughing , fever and general weakness . He ended up playing a fist set and retiring on the second one ...but he was happy . Everyone congratulated him for his effort .

The funny thing is that I got sick myself after his tournament and I couldn't go to work..One my colleague made  a remark " your son can go play tennis and you can't make it to the work?"..


Anonymous said...

:) You can just tell him that we think he is an amazing kid! Deb

Anonymous said...

Thank you Deb for your comments. The kids are emazing and , as parents we can learn from them, we need to encourage them and enjoy their creativity and passions.

Anonymous said...

Well that proves that he has heart; and that is very important in sports! Congratulations for that awesome comeback, i bet you are very proud of him.
As i told you, i used to play volleyball, which is a team sport. The downside to that is that it's a team sport :) You depend on the team, and the team depends on you. If you are having a bad day, the team may lose because of you; and if you have a great day but the team is not synchronised, you may still lose.
That is the beauty of an individual sport: it's all up to you! In tennis, and in other individual sports, the player decides his own faith in the match. There is no one to drag you down, or to push you forward for that matter, but yourself. Sometimes i wish i played an individual sport :)
I remember this one time, my team qualified for the final tournament of the national junior championships, held in Bucharest. We had a strong team, with goo, talented guys, and we were to face the best 7 teams in the country. The tournament is basically the best 8 junior teams in the country battling each other over the course of a weekend for the trophy. We had a great year that year, we had overcome a lot of adversity and have eliminated some of the favorites in our division. So we were feeling good, we went to Bucharest with pride and our heads held high, because everyone was talking about our team and what a surprise we were that season. I was 18 back then, in the best shape of my life because we were practicing 7 days a week. I had a great tournament personally, made a lot of spectacular plays and attracted the attention of one of the top professional volleyball teams in the country - they wanted to sign me after my junior years were over. But to make a long story short, we ended up losing most of our games, and we finished 7th out of 8. The team was nervous, we were feeling the pressure and we let it get to us. Still, that was the best weekend of my life :)
Your boy will be fine! He has the talent, the skills, the passion and the heart. That is a great combination, believe me, and no one can take that from him.