Hard times through learning


My son played a very good tennis player a final match on one of club tournaments. He did his best with facing a knee and ankle issue; lost 0, 0. While he was aware of his physical challenges of that day he also couldn't accept that bad loss. He doubted himself and he was questioning if he could have done better...

Some might say that physical and tactical variables influenced the result; his opponent played a crafty game and strategy .Checking on the net it would be described as junkball game involving the constant change of type of balls with different height, spin, speed, angles.

Some applicable strategies against such game would require a net play (with volleys and overheads) but at this age of 11 those tools are not developed yet or "switch" into the similar junkball style but my son preferred to play his game, even not developed yet.

My son was pretty affected by the result since he played in front of his colleagues and their parents and he thought it would be a close match.

Although he went through a lot of frustration and adversities though the tournament, next day he bounced back and he was ready for another day in tennis.

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