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Behaviours in tennis and in real life
Recently I had an opportunity to comment on one of the tennis blogs about emotional control. I frequently reflect on this subject and my view is that there are two successful behaviours:
- 1. Personalities trained to not show and feel any emotions in court (ex. Federer). No emotions (positive or negative) no control need
- 2. Personalities with emotion fluctuations but with a fast refocus abilities (ex. Djokovic, Nadal and others).

I think if I am not wrong Murray' recent successes are also due to his mental training (control and refocus) with his mentor/coach Ivan Lendl.
Also Djokovic' successes and climb to the top could be explained from his new refocus abilities.

In a nutshell, my opinion is that the mind (thoughts, emotions, expectations, beliefs, etc) interferes with body and brain efforts for such physical and tactical sport which is tennis.

My personal opinion is that tennis is a game played under a lot of adversity (internal and external).The junior should focus on playing intensely against this adversity and not worry about the score but the success of managing the adversity.
The parent has his/her own responsibility to share always a positive perspective towards development and show no vulnerabilities before, during and after any matches.
The adversity should be practised and controlled; this would create a feed into emotional intelligence growth which is so important not only in the game of tennis but in the real life.
Enjoying the journey
There are thousands and thousands of kids dreaming of playing professional or college tennis. Many kids start as early as 2 years old now, being “supported” by parents and professionals with intelligent processes to follow but only a few of them make it to the high levels?! In my opinion the main reasons are burn-out and emotional intelligence maturity. Until a kid has emotional maturity, all the other components of this sport (physical, technical, tactical etc) cannot be channelled into a development framework.

Tennis Process
This is a personal initiative (with a pretty ambitious) objective to address to parents and juniors for sharing experiences through the process of tennis skills development at the junior level.

My plan is to share my thoughts accumulated from my experiences while helping and supporting my son pursue his dream of becoming a good tennis player. He is 11 years old and his dream -like many other kids and parents , is to be a top tennis professional.

I hope the tennis community will participate on this blog to address those concerning variables and build a intelligent framework for parents to properly support their kids to play competitively and enjoy their experiences